Saturday, 28 July 2012

Positive signs

The last time I spoke to my consultant - I whined just a little about not being able to regulate my mood & energy levels.

We decided that we needed to monitor my testosterone level just a little closer to find out what was going on and adjust the amount I'm applying.

So I've had to have more regular blood tests as a result and the last one had a little surprise for me. The testosterone level was fine - but they had also checked prolactin levels. To my surprise, the level came in at 1750 (ish - I can't remember the exact number). This is the first time since diagnosis that I've been under 2000. I was elated and it shows that the Cabergoline is doing the job.

Finally, I can feel the curtain coming down on the tumour now. Much as I hate taking the drugs, there is a real prospect I'll get the levels low enough to come off the replacement testosterone at some point (assuming my nuts come back to life that is).

If I can then drop the Cabergoline to a low maintenance level to keep the tumour from coming back, I'll be interested to see if my energy levels return. As per my last post - I feel fatigued all the time and I'm not convinced about the cause.

Me me me me me. 

How you doin?

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