Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What's the deal? (Tell me how you feel)

30th April - Results From the Doctor.

I love a visit to the doctor. It's always nice to go in after wasting everyones time in the lab only only to find out that I'm a healthy gazelle and there's nothing wrong with me. Well .. that's what usually happens.

Todays visit was different.

My expectation was a clean bill of health and that the constant tiredness was due to depression. As I sat down with the doctor I could see from the look on his face that he had something to say. He immediately queried my symptoms one more time and I repeated the whole 'flat as a pancake' routine again. Nothing had changed in that regard.

After this, he brought up the results of my blood test and quickly cut to the chase. "Well, it's no wonder really - as your testosterone levels are less than half of what we could reasonably hope for." He did mention the value but it flew over my head at the time. I wasn't prepared for what he said next - "I see you've had a testicular scan in the past .. I think we'll need another quick check today if that's ok."

Hey! I've known this guy for two minutes and he's talking about getting his hands on my nuts! The history of this is that I did indeed suffer from mild nut pain about a year ago and had the joy of someone scanning my bollocks to make sure they were cancer free (which they were). Now trust me - if there is one thing I can do on a daily basis and do well - it's check my nuts. In fact, that's what I told him. "No you're alright - I've checked my nuts and they're lump free."

I don't think he was expecting that response - and really it's probably very bad on my part - but tough. Think about it as I paraphrase his words:

"You've got all the testosterone of an 80 year old man ... now sling your nut sack in to the palm of my hand."

No no no no no!

Anyway, he accepted it and ordered an androgen test which meant giving more blood and then referring me to the endocrinologist. Hopefully this would clear up the root cause - I could slap on some gel every day and get back to having some fire in my belly.

4th March - Blood test #xxxx

I met the Phlebotomist to give some blood for the androgen test. Not much to blog about you would think - but whilst I was there, I got her to check my records and tell me what the scores on the doors were for the testosterone check. They were pretty crummy by all accounts - measuring at 4.6 nmol (usual range of 10-35). I calculated this to be around 133 ng.

All I can think about is getting a quick fix and getting on with my life with proper energy levels.

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